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What’s Up at Waltham Landing? 5.4.2015

What’s Up at Waltham Landing:

Rough plumbing and HVAC started on floors 1-4
Drywall begins on floors 2-3
5th floor / penthouse walls begin

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What’s Up at Waltham Landing? 4.20.2015

Hope you’ve been enjoying this nice weather we’ve been having recently. So what if 55 is the new 75 in New England! As a result of the favorable conditions, the framers at Waltham Landing have been able to make GREAT progress over the last month.

A new floor has been added roughly every ten days—it takes 5 days to lay the floor trusses, another 5 days to frame the walls, then they’re on to the next level. The crews are currently working towards completing the Penthouse floor trusses.

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