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5 Places Where You Can Enjoy Summer The Waltham Way

When the Sun is Blazing and the Weather’s Hot…

…Waltham Landing is a Very Cool Spot!


Hello one and all!


Summer is finally in full swing in Boston Massachusetts. Yet while city lights have their appeal, braving hordes of tourists and struggling to find parking can cause headaches.

Here at Landmark Boston, we know that a good time doesn’t have to be a T-ride away.

Waltham is just one of many Boston suburbs that boasts a surprising array of hotspots and activities that are sure to delight the whole family. There is no better way to make a new town feel like home than to find your own local landmarks and favorite places, whether they be movie theaters or museums. As you begin your search, here are just five affordable activities that are only minutes from the steps of our new luxury townhouse unit.

Happy hunting,
The Team at Landmark Boston

1. Charles River Museum of Industry
chalres river horizontal

The scenic smokestack of the historical Francis Cabot Lower Mill provides a perfect addition to the skyline of your new Waltham Landing home. Directly beneath this smokestack, the Charles River Museum of Industry and Innovation beckons visitors to take a trip back through time and see how some of their favorite inventions came to be. Spend the day ogling antique cars and cameras, perhaps leaving with your own idea for the world’s next great invention.


2.Embassy Cinema

3170844370_696f0e4714_z (1)

Photo by WickedVT

Embassy Cinema, located in the heart of trendy Moody Street district, is truly one of a dying breed. Embassy provides cinephiles with an eclectic mix of blockbusters and independent films in a cozy space that has an abundance of small-town charm. The affordable prices, friendly staff and frequently changing movie selections are attractive bonuses.


3. Lyman Estate Greenhouses


Summertime in Waltham means that the Lyman Estate Greenhouses are in full bloom. Enjoy the sunshine while spending a day ambling amongst rare orchids and exotic flowers in the oldest surviving greenhouse in the United States. Whether you choose to enjoy a guided tour or to simply wander on your own, your visit to the greenhouse is always completely free!


4. The Rose Art Museum


The three major colleges and universities located in town only enhance Waltham’s already bustling atmosphere. Take the time to seek out the numerous on-campus programs and attractions that are oftentimes free and open to the public. Brandeis University for example is home to the Rose Art Museum, a quaint gallery with free admission that specializes in modern and contemporary art. The space is perfectly sized so as to entertain crowds without overwhelming; the whole exhibit can easily be seen in one visit!


5. Gore Place Mansion

goreplace final

Soak in some local history with an afternoon spent at the impressive Gore Place Mansion. The former Governor’s mansion, known to some as “The Monticello of the North,” features extensive grounds, a recently restored Carriage House and a small farm populated by an adorable cast of friendly animals. When not being used as a prime sledding spot in the winter, the Federalist-style property frequently lends itself as a venue for small concerts and other events such as the eagerly anticipated summer Sheepshearing Festival.

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